Barbecue Lover’s Guide

BBQ_cover_ver_1A handbook for barbecue lovers, the Barbecue Lover’s Guide is not a critique with stars, forks, or dollar signs.

This is a guide to help you navigate your way through the passionate culture of barbecue in Central Texas. The state is known as both a Western state and a Southern state. Texas cattle country makes us a barbecue beef state, but we have our share of barbecue pork and everything in between.

The guide starts in Austin,helping you locate the trailers, sheds, shacks, and various other joints, and takes you all the way to the small towns out yonder. The truth is that Austin and the small towns in a 30-mile radius offer a vast selection of options. Some are famous and some should be. Unafraid to pass over the most humble of shacks, this guide gives you a real taste of Texas barbecue.


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