Texas Monthly’s top 50 BBQ joints across the state

lancepitmasterstylesBig News for BBQ fans this month: Texas Monthly’s June issue hit the shelves today naming their top 50 BBQ joints across the state. It’s a big undertaking with a team of writers spreading across the state which is most likely why they only publish this list every 5 years.
Austin has the reputation for the best BBQ in the state and for that matter Bon Appetit magazine named Franklin’s the best in the United States!! Five local joints made the Texas Monthly list: Franklin’s, John Mueller Meat Co., La Barbecue, Lambert’s and Stiles Switch. Some good joints were left out and perhaps your favorite was not listed in the top 50. I believe BBQ is the soul food of Texas. “The Best” in the state? It’s about the love, the people and the culture. Continue reading

Uncle Billy’s Roof Top on Lake Travis

IMG_1291Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que lies on a stretch of land overlooking Lake Travis where sunset views are legendary in Austin. The fresh spring weather and the prospect of hearing a local big-name musician in a spectacular setting was just too good to pass up. Uncle Billy’s serves fragrant tender BBQ meats and an incredible selection of stylized hand crafted beers. For all of the above reason’s I headed 15 miles out of town because I really wanted to check this out. The drive felt short and I was surprised to see the parking was well-organized and, for the most part, free. They had golf carts to pick you up if you wanted to catch a ride to the venue. I arrived just a few minutes before sunset to a festive crowd of people pacing anxiously waiting for the big show. Bob Schneider and his band were scheduled to play at 9:30pm. It’s a good idea to get their early for the sunset and the warm up band. Continue reading

For The Love of Chicken Wings

IMG_1217I’m always on the lookout for foods that are smoked. Every once in while I come across something I fall for. The smoked chicken wings from Bowie BBQ located in the Whole Foods Market on South Lamar hit me hard. I can’t get enough. I look for excuses to go to the store so I can grab a pound. I eat them for a quick lunch and keep a pound in my refrigerator for snacking. For pot lucks, I beg the hostess to allow me to bring appetizers so I can stuff my face with more wings. Continue reading

Holiday BBQ Joints

Merry Christmas to all of you!!

If you are planning on having family and friends in town for the holidays I put together a list of some joints you might want to consider taking them to.  There are so many places I love it was hard to narrow my list down to a handful.  So I tried to think of a few that would be dressed up and have traditional dining rooms for lingering around the table.    Here are my suggestions:

In town

  • Iron Works. They have wood burning pot belly stoves in the dining room for the cold and windy Austin weather that happens once in awhile. Very cozy
  • County Line.  Very festive sparkling lights and views. Large round tables and a dining room featuring antique chandeliers. Great both day and night.
  • Lamberts. Sophisticated and located in a hip downtown location. Good place to wear your designer clothes and love food beyond BBQ although BBQ is FAB. Continue reading